Sandy Ridge Wines

Sandy Ridge American Sparkling Riesling

Clean, crisp aroma of wildflowers with hints of stewed apples & pears.

Sandy Ridge 2017 Pinot Blanc

Fig & lemongrass aroma, flavor of quince, pineapple & rhubarb.

Sandy Ridge 2015 Cabernet Franc

Flavors of plums & blueberries.

Sandy Ridge 2014 Cuvee Red Blend

(coo-vay) Aroma of spice, flavors of blackberries, raspberries & blueberries.

Conquered Concord 2017 Lambrusca

Vitis Lambrusca "Concord" is regarded as the standard of excellence for blue-black american grapes. Highly aromatic they are excellent for producing a quality glass of vino and make for delicious wine parings.


Greens & Kale

Sun dried cranberries, blue cheese, mandarin oranges, pistachios and honey vinaigrette.

Mediterranean Salad

Artichokes, olives, hearts of palm, tomatoes, cucumbers, blended herbs and creamy balsamic dressing.

More Great Bites

Charcuterie Du Jour

Imported meats and cheeses, Marcona almonds, dolmas, olives, sun dried fruit and cipollini onions. Large (feeds 2-4) Small (feeds 1-2)

Lamb Chorizo Meatballs

With Piquillo pepper jam .

Red Wine Chocolate Brownie

With seasonal ice cream.